Frequently Asked

Why choose a law firm?

Advocacy aims to ensure that all people in society can get their voices heard on issues that are close to their hearts, while also protecting and promoting their rights. Advocacy supports considering peoples’ views and wishes when it comes to making decisions that might affect their lives.

What type of lawyer do I need?

LPG offers a variety of law backgrounds through our diverse legal expert team. From litigation to debt settlement, bankruptcy law and more we will assign the right lawyers to your case ensuring the best outcome possible. Schedule a call with our team or send us a message to begin discussions.

Can debt validation help me?

Our expert team can walk you through the ins and outs of debt validation and debt settlement and find if debt validation will be the right fit for your case. With decades of experience we have seen every type of case and unique situation and can let you know what services will be most useful for you and your unique case. Speak to our debt settlement experts today to discuss your case and find the right legal services to help.

What happens if my debts are not invalidated?

If a debt is not invalidated or resolved at the conclusion of the program, you would have a choice between a refund of the fees applied paid toward that debt or application of that amount to settlement of those debts, whichever you prefer.

How is this going to affect my credit?

It’s hard to say as each individual situation is different and some are affected more than others. It will most likely decrease in the short term, but as your debts are resolved and/or removed from your credit report your score will improve.  In addition, we make a credit restoration program available to you later in the program that can also improve your score.

What is the difference between Debt Settlement and Debt Resolution?

In a Debt Settlement Program, you make monthly payments into an account but the debt settlement company WILL NOT start working on your debts until there is enough money in the account to start negotiating a settlement; this means that you will have to make several monthly payments before anything happens. While you make monthly payments and nothing happens, the debt settlement company deducts their fees from your account, making even harder to accumulate enough money in your account. Worse yet, while you wait for something to happen, you are open to lawsuits but, because most debt settlement companies are not attorneys, you will have to spend more money to hire your own attorney if you want to avoid a judgment.

With LPG’s Debt Resolution Program, however, you ONLY pay our attorney fees, and we start working on your debts immediately – NO WAITING. Since our goal is to invalidate your debts or get them waived, why should you have to pay anything towards a debt you no longer have or owe. And, since we are a law firm, if a lawsuit is ever filed against you, we will represent you at NO additional cost.

What happens if I get sued?
You are enrolling in an attorney-based program and signing an agreement with a law firm. If you are sued your case will be handled by a local attorney who will answer the lawsuit and seek to have it dismissed or settled, all at no additional charge to you as you are already paying for the attorneys’ services.

How long will it take to invalidate all my debts?

On average it takes 18 to 24 months to invalidate/resolve the accounts for a client. While your program may take more time than that, LPG does represent you through the statute of limitation in your state so that you’re covered until you can no longer be sued for the debts.

Will I get collection calls?

To be honest, you probably will. However, because you are being represented by a law firm, you can simply say “I am represented by The Litigation Practice Group to resolve my debts. We are exploring all options, including bankruptcy, please contact my lawyer at 949-715-0644” and hang up. If a collection agency calls you back after you gave them our name and number, let us know and we will sue them on your behalf.

Can I file Chapter 13 just to delay foreclosure proceedings?

Every case is unique and will come with custom tailored legal advice relevant to you and your personal situation. In some cases bankruptcy may be an option but there are many alternatives the LPG debt settlement legal team can provide you in many circumstances to avoid the BK and minimize or settle your debt.

Can I avoid paying IRS income taxes if I file for bankruptcy?

Speak to one of our Bankruptcy legal experts to find what options you may have with your taxes and debt to get your life back on track so you can focus on life again and feel relief from having your case handled by the right team.