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In Your Journey to Resolve Your Debt 

A Smarter Path to Debt Resolution  

Our dedicated attorneys are committed to help you achieve your goals to resolve your debt while you transition from financial stress to financial wellness. Instances of people being bothered by collection activity for invalid debts are fairly common, and the process of invalidating such debts might seem daunting to most. We are here to help you with debt relief and  legal questions. 


Steps For Your  Success

Notice to Creditors and Collectors

First, upon enrollment, we immediately give notice to your creditors that you are represented by counsel and that all communication should be directed to us as your attorneys. This will ensure that your creditors will not be permitted to harass or intimidate you.


We Help you Dispute Your Debts

Second, for each of the debts you have trusted us to handle, we will begin the process of enforcing your rights by demanding that your creditors, debt collectors, and the credit bureaus adhere to  the rules imposed upon them by state and federal law.

We Will Represent You in Court

Third, if you are sued at any point during the program, we handle all aspects of your representation in court. We have a network of attorneys  in every state in the country, so you do not pay an additional penny if you are sued, even if we have to go to trial on your behalf.

Our Role 

  • Dispute legal validity of your debts 


  • Offer the protection you need when facing debt collectors

  • Handle all aspects of your representation in case of lawsuits

Your Role 

  • Respond to our emails and surveys 

  • Upload or send all correspondence you receive from creditors and collectors 

  • Let us know if your creditors and collectors are calling you


We Are Experts in Debt Validation

At Litigation Practice Group, our experts in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) offer protection that consumers need when they face debt collection efforts by original creditors or third-party collectors.

We Have You Covered

On your behalf we will ensure that laws and statutes that were put into place to protect you as a consumer are followed by debt collectors.


We Will Represent You

Should a violation of your rights be identified we will represent you as your attorneys.


Financial Empowerment Tools

We offer unique financial education resources to help you and your family learn skills to create a financial future that delivers your dreams. Click here to access the FSB Education Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know the process of invalidating debts can be confusing and time consuming. Learn how our legal team handles the process for you!

What We Do 

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How It Works 

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